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Hi there! I'm Jaiden and I am the master mind who runs this blog, Girls on YA Books. *Laughs evilly* ;)

  I am 15 years old and live in the United States. While juggling high school AP classes (4.0 ya'll!) , sports (I play volleyball, soccer and have also done basketball and yippee me! Made it to State in track!), friends and being any ordinary teenager...I am an avid reader. I literally devour books. 

  I am what you call a nerd! And hey! Psh! I am very proud. My favorite books to read are Young-Adult. What can I say, I am a hopeless romantic who likes the paranormal mixed in. As far as picking a favorite genre in the Young-adult atmosphere....I can't pick. Dystopian, Urban Fantasy, Steampunk, Contemporary, Paranormal, the list goes on...I enjoy every single one of them! I have yet to tackle Adult so I can't say anything there. 

  My favorite books...even though I love a LOT of books...would have to be Julie Kagawa's Iron Fey Series {goodreads}  It is a truly remarkable series and I am obsessed! hehe

  I started blogging around August of 2011 but...I didn't really get into it until about October.  I created this blog because sadly, my family doesn't share my obsession. And it's hard to keep all those bottled up emotions inside, I needed to share with the people who understood! Even though my dad does read, he doesn't have the time to read all of my books. Plus,me being a girl..I love the fictional boys and he is a guy and guys just don't like talking about how "cute" or "amazing" the guys can be. hahahah I think I had tortured my father enough.

  So what can you expect while visiting Girls on YA Books? I can tell you this much...You will see I whole bunch of girly girl! I love boys and Young-Adult books have the perfect kind. So, you can expect the occasional giddy, squealing, boy obsession. You can expect a bubbly personality and honest reviews. As much as I love the boys...I still try to give honest and good reviews that will help you with book picking! I love all my followers! 

~There is me in a nutshell as people say. I hope you will enjoy my blog!
*Updated as of August 2012*

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