About Me

Hi there! 

My name is Jaiden and I had started the blog "Girls on YA Books" back in 2011.

Being a young one back then there was only books but as time grew on the load got bigger, life got more interesting and books got pushed to the back burner more and more disabling me from running the blog as consistently. Now, as the start of 2017 started as well as my fourth semester in college, I realized my love for reading and blogging was felt even more. 

So here I am, back again trying it out once more but a little different. Lets start off with what is still the same:
  • My love for books (particularly Young Adult novels)
  • Honest and open reviews
What's different?
  • Currently, this blog is going to stand as a seasonal blog.
  • This blog will run consistently throughout the summer (the occasional pop in here and there may occur)
  • I am older so its not all Young Adult Novels

Yes, I know the idea of a seasonal blog is a little odd but like mentioned before, I am now in college and the load laid on a lot more thick. Summer and winter breaks allow me a time to read more and stay updated with reviews, giveaways, events and tours. That being said, There is only so many days in summer. I am hoping that even then I will be able to share this love of books with you all and keep you guys entertained and updated with the world of books. 

This as of 2017 is going to be quite a test so of course I am open to opinions and feedback.
If you need to contact me for any reason...
  • Review requests: please see my "Review Policy Page" first before contacting me! Thank you! :)
  • Just to chat.
  • Advice (new bloggers, soon to be bloggers, experienced bloggers)
  • Whatever the need!!! :)
Send me an email!

*If you wish get in touch some other way, visit the "Contact Page" or look at the top of my sidebar.

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